David Yeadon: Adventure Travel Author, Columnist, Illustrator, Photojournalist

"David Yeadon's excellent writing and evocative illustrations have earned him a reputation as one of the best travel writers in the world." - Rocky Mountain News

"More rollicking end-of-the-road adventures from David Yeadon... filled with his trademark good humor and contagious love of wandering."

THE SEASONS SERIES - with HarperCollins

"Like H.V. Morton before him, Yeadon approaches Ireland with keen eye and ear, and most important, a great big heart... He's one of the world's most beloved travel writers." - James O'Reilly, editor, Travelers' Tales Ireland

Seasons in Basilicata, by  travel author David Yeadon


Published July 2004


Latest Release
At the Edge of Ireland, by  travel author David Yeadon


Seasons on the Beara Peninsula

Published January 2009
Seansons on Harris, by travel writer David Yeadon


Published July 2006

"Big, vigorous, hugely entertaining books of travels off-the-beaten path by veteran travel writer Yeadon... illustrated by lovely landscapes."

Travel author David Yeadon

A Message from David Yeadon

"We each have one life—but many hidden adventurous 'selves.' So come explore the earth's hidden corners, nooks and crannies, backroads, lost worlds and secret places—and also discover your own secret places and diverse 'selves' within. May you enjoy all your journeys!"

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